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The Street Art Stencil Book
The Street Art Stencil Book

The Street Art Stencil Book

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The Street Art Stencil Book


Отличная книга с отрывными трафаретами в стиле Стрит-арт


Язык: Английский

Обложка: Мягкая

Страниц: 90

Состояние: Новая

This book is a pure celebration of the art of the stencil. It is a book of stencils that can be used and treasured or just simply be an inspiration to others to create. The 20 stencils featured, printed on perforated card stock so that they can be torn out and used, have been created by an impressive list of international street artists, from the masters to the new kids on the block. Each artist has created an in-situ photograph to accompany their stencil, showing how they would use it, along with other imagery. There is also a short biography for each artist. The book opens with an interview with the founder of stencil art, the Paris-based artist Blek Le Rat, who has also created a stencil for the book. A collectors item in its own right, the book is a must for artists, illustrators and anyone who loves street art.

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