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Welcome To Hoxford

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Welcome To Hoxford

Язык: Английский

Страниц: 132

Обложка: Мягкая

Состояние: Новая

Raymond Delgado isn't well. He's the newest inmate at the Hoxford Correctional Facility and Mental Institution. He has no hope of release, parole, rehabilitation, or decent conversation. On a good day, he'll tell you he's Zeus and only bite your arm off. Literally. On a bad day, you won't have time to scream to the prison guard for help. But Dr. Jessica Ainley, his doctor for five, years wants to help Ray and can't understand why the newly privatized, corporately-run prison won't give her access to her patients. And why are people always transferred into Hoxford, but no records show anyone ever transferring back out?

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